Lamborghini Ferrume



So this one right here is my first step into putting my designs to test (into a competition). This was a design challenge that flexes your creative muscles. The objective given was to create a concept car that has the essence of a Formula 1 car, a Lamborghini and an Autonomous car. yea pretty rad right!

I was going through the previous competition entries and there are some insane submissions and I straight up don’t stand a chance cause the people competing are professionals who do this for a living (something I aspire to do) but still, it feel good to put one of your creations out there and see how it compares.

So now… allow me to ramble more about my little car.

This is more like an F16 on wheels than Lamborghini… but still lets call it that 😛
One of the regrets I had was that I couldn’t digitally render but still quite happy with sticking to ‘stationary’… I’m a crazy about names, all these merc’s and bmw’s and lexus’s just have a bunch of lazy people in their product naming department if thatss a thing…. and I absolutely love Lamborghini for coming up with epic car names… year after year. For instance did you know that ‘Diablo’ also means Horns of the devil!! like whaaaaa that’s some epic shit…. So I’m neither that creative nor do I possess the knowledge to come up with such names… so I hit up google and after tons of research settled on FERRUME.

Whats FERRUME?? I’m glad you asked
Ferrum is latin for arrowhead…. yea latin that still exists I just added the E to make it fancy… either way I thought it was a fitting name to the sketch. I didn’t dedicate much time to the layout or the engineering of the car… focussed on creating a cool looking sketch but if I was given a chance I would lean on it being all wheel electric drive train car.

Yea I guess but change is inevitable people. I initially tried to make an interior sketch but that ended up sticking out like a sore thumb. So like any self confident man, I erased it 😛
So yea that’s it I guess… Rambled enough

Hope you guys like it!
Cheers and Love 😀




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